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RUS poultry factory (full title RUS Farming Enterprise) belongs to RUSSKAYA ZEMLIA (Russian Land) Private Investment Trust. The factory is a successor to the state enterprise founded in 70s within the framework of the USSR poultry production development program.


RUS factory is located 550 km from Moscow and 40 km from Voronezh (population of over 900,000) unofficial capital of Russias Central Black Earth Region famous for the most fertile lands (black soil or chernozem) and environment favourable for agriculture.


Despite significant depletion of fixed assets, the company management successfully runs the factory providing high-scale production due to use of modern poultry crossbreeds Isa and Highsex. Poultry production is approaching normal figures. The stock enjoys sustainable grows averaging 50% p.a. and has risen to Soviet-era figures, this is, 270 000 laying hens.

Ambitious management, new and progressing staff and shareholders never stop searching for emerging know-how which may improve production and financial indicators and turn the factory into the industry leader.

RUS's well-developed infrastructure opens the door for implementation of almost any investment project. 70 ha (174 acres) of the enterprise premises provides railroad access track, on-site treatment plant, a gas-powered boiler, an industry-scale grain-drying plant, enough mechanized storage for 7000 MT grain, modern feed production facilities, a hatchery for 1 500 000 eggs etc.

The company also possesses additional 10 ha (25 acres) of suspended area located 10 km from the main facilities. These extra premises (Branch) provide 6 buildings, a boiler house and administrative quarters.


The factory specializes in production of fresh diet eggs (not older than 7 days) and Se/I-enriched eggs. Such specialization facilitating extra earnings is based on fine logistics, cooperation with Dietary Foods retail network, and location close to strong markets (Black Belt Regions, 9+ mln people; Moscow City, 10+ mln people; Moscow Region, 8 mln).


All the factory investment projects are based on the shareholders will to shape an efficient modern complete-cycle agricultural company facilitating advanced processing of all the products.

ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO MANAGE POULTRY. Our shareholders share European values, expect Russia to become soon a WTO member. We understand that we need to gain a long-term competitive edge. Thats why we study opportunities and search for international experts and partners to convert the factory to uncaged floor management of the stock.

ADVANCED PROCESSING OF POULTRY MEAT. One of the unsettled issues still remains processing of old poultry meat. It is not economically reasonable to sell meat of laying hens because of its poor selling appeal. The enterprise management holds a tender for a technology processing poultry meat into high value-added product. Most promising solution seems to be production of pet nutrition products under an international brand.

POULTRY MANURE DIGESTION. Based on international techniques, engineering section of the factory built a plant converting manure originating from one building to digestion gas. Along with gas, the digester produces clean organic fertilizer and a formidable porous soil conditioner. The enterprise seeks a consultant or a partner to help define the target market for the organic fertilizer resulting from oxygen-deficient fermentation and to help built a Plant processing 300 t liquid manure daily. Joint venture is an option.

BREEDING FARM. Given doubtful results of cooperation with many suppliers of breed eggs and one-day old chicken, the factory management acknowledged the need for an own breeding farm. Here, the company is ready to cooperate with international poultry-breeders.

BEVERAGES. Assisted by specialists of Diet Nutrition Centre (Moscow), we successfully developed an industry-scale technology for ancient Russian drink gogol-mogol (egg / milk shake) outstanding in terms of health benefits. The new beverage is scheduled for production in early 2007.

FIELD MUSHROOMS. The factory seeks consultancy advisors and investors to help implement Branch-based (located on the site 10 km from the main facilities) industry-scale mushroom farming / processing unit.

POULTRY MEAT. Our company plans to start broiler-farming in 2007.


DIET PRODUCTS RETAIL NETWORK is our key partner and main distributor. At present, the DIET PRODUCTS network incorporates over 50 outlets in 4 of Russias constituent entities, this is, Moscow City, Moscow, Smolensk and Voronezh regions. DIET PRODUCTS plans to expand, with 200 outlets by late 2007.

DIET NUTRITION CENTRE organization supports our factory technologically and scientifically assisting in development of technologies for production of egg-based products (beverages, confectionaries etc).

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